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Open News code convening 2015
Jun 5, 2015
2 minutos de lectura

Open News have been organizing one day events with techies from different news organizations around USA. These are hackatons kind of events where people bring their projects and they work on them together. It tries to give space for developers to connect and talk about the project at their own newsroom. This year they started with one day of code convening at Write the Docs conference in Portland, OR and I had the opportunity to help with their projects. This are the projects that we worked on.

Web component CSV charts [The Seattle Times]:

A custom element that generates flat charts from CSV input, intended to reduce the load on graphics staff for boilerplate web graphics.

Driveshaft, The New York Times

Developer docs for Largo, INN

Donation Builder, The Texas Tribune

Geomancer, DataMade/Associated Press

Google Analytics/Facebook Insights clients, Stijn Debrouwere

Flatsheet, Seth Vincent

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