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Coffee shops in Portland, OR where to work from
Dec 6, 2013
Un minuto de lectura

I love coffee shops that feel like my grandma’s living room. The ones that have very old furniture and where people share tables. The one near my house (that does not look like my grandma’s living room) that serves very good coffee is always so full of people in the mornings. Coffee shops are the social/community place for people that don’t go to churches in the US…

My favorites in the neighborhood I live in Portland,OR

  • Common Grounds (Hawthorne & 43)

  • Fresh Pot (Powell’s Hawthorne)

Suggestions from other software developers that work from cafes.

  •  List from

  • Waypost (Williams)

  • Albina Press (Mississippi/Albina)

  • Fuel (Alberta & 14th)

  • Barista / Random Order / Caffe Vita / Townsend Tea (Alberta 17th-30th)

  • Coffeehouse-Five (Killingsworth/Albina)

  • Coava (Industrial)

  • Heart (Burn & 21)

  • Crema (Ankeny & 28)

  • Ford Food + Drink (near Ladd’s)

  • Tiny’s (near Ladd’s)

  • Palio (Ladd’s)

  • Albina Press (Hawthorne & 50)

  • Common Grounds (Hawthorne & 43)

  • Fresh Pot (Powell’s Hawthorne)

  • Bipartisan Cafe (Montavilla)

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